In this article, I will use my experience to summarize all of the things I think you should know before work with it.


  • Instagram Graph API only supports Instagram Business or Creator Account.
  • You need to add the product Instagram Graph API in your app, and you must request approval…

I have been using Webstorm and PhpStorm for more than 1 year and I feel that Webstorm is the best IDE for the web developer (at least for me). I have reasons to say that because the Jetbrains IDEs are always useful, smart, and Jetbrains understands what the user and…

The first time I use the DevOps platform is GitLab. I don’t know what SSH is and why we need to know and use SSH for our machine.

What is SSH?

The Secure Shell Protocol (SSH) is a cryptographic network protocol for operating network services securely over an unsecured network…

How to fix Ubuntu (Linux) disabled WIFI when turning off VPN

When using Ubuntu, we may be disabled WIFI when we turn off VPN (such as ExpressVPN). The reason I write this post is to decrease your time to find the solution because I encountered this situation and took a long time with it.

When WIFI is disabled, we need to open Terminal and type like below:

nmcli network off
nmcli network on

The meaning of two command lines is to reset WIFI to off state and turn on.
Yeah, hope this solution help you handle your problem.

Nguyen Tien Dat

I am experienced in designing websites based on ReactJS to create beautiful and friendly websites for the user.

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